At Bella Mente Preschool and Daycare we comprehend that in the early years of a child, everyday is an opportunity for astounding growth. Students will flourish in our developmentally-centered programs that embrace the principle of learning through play and exploration. Each child is considered unique and is encouraged to actively participate in learning expedition which incorporates the student’s choice of material, language and most importantly pace.

Giving a right direction and a good start in the early stages of life shapes the future of a child. So teaching is not just giving a lecture on a set topic or a pattern, our focus is to provide contemporary learning based on the nature and attitude of our children. Our pedagogical method would be to create an environment which contributes to the development of mind body and soul. It embeds the social and cultural values along with contemporary digitized knowledge in the minds of young children.

Our curriculum is multi flavored that has elements from Reggio Emilia philosophy to globally accredited Early Year Program and lastly our own historical proven Indian Vedic learning approach. We have books designed by our inhouse team of experts who have years of experience in academic and curriculum designing.

Why Choose Us

Child Care

From a scientifically developed curriculum

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Healthy Meals

Bella Mente provides healthy meals to your child

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Learning & Fun

Whole process of learning starts from fun

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Physical Activity

With Learning Physical Activity is must

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Our learning sessions are intellectually developed with innovative learning kits, resulting in mature graduates with a phenomenal personality of an emotional, socially aware and intellectual global citizen. Our specially-designed classrooms allows your child to experience safe and exciting learning both indoors and outside. As your child discovers the world, our teachers are there to nurture, encourage and guide.Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Our Child Centric Curriculum emphasize on the following keys of learning :

    Gross and Fine Motor Development

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding our environment though self exploration
  • Expressive Arts based on materials available in our environment
  • Life base transferable skills
Coupled with these experiences is the thematic approach developed by Bella Mente. Created with an awareness of children’s brain development the well trained staff will help your child make connections and discover the world. The collaborative units also provide our teachers with many opportunities to link to early literacy and numeracy skills. Together with parents, we begin to lay the foundation for your child’s personal, academic and global future.