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Bella Mente Preschool and Day care we provide a stimulating, safe and professionally managed environment, combined with the warmth of a personal homely touch, to create the perfect setting where a strong foundation can be l laid for your child’s lifelong learning abilities with focus on physical, emotional and creative development. To assist us in our vision ,we recruit and retain highly qualified and caring teaching staff and provide them with continuous professional development through training programs. This results in a dedicated and a responsible teams of caregivers that reflects in our preschool graduates.

At Bella Mente Preschool we appreciate that every classroom is unique as are the pupils attending, therefore when selecting our equipment and resources we have been diligent to ensure the highest quality in safety and age suitability products are used.


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  Goals and Objectives

We understand learning is a dynamic process which should extend beyond the four walls of the classroom. The child should be allowed to explore and look for answers themselves. Education should therefore nurture natural talents of the child and encourage them to think beyond boundaries.
The process of learning at Bella Mente has the following streaks:
  • Focus on learners making independent discoveries or as members of a group.
  • Encourage asking questions,experiment, use trial and error, discuss and evaluate.
  • Assist the learners to find their own answers rather than just learn facts.
  • Promote the and problem solving skills in the learners.
  • To promote academic, personal, social, emotional, physical and creative abilities, allowing each unique child to reach their full potential in every way.