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Mission and Vision:-

The principal aim of Bella Mente Preschool is to provide a stimulating, and nurturing environment, which allows children to develop to their full potential educationally, physically, socially, morally and personally. Our Child Centric Program believes each child is unique and can be molded into competent learner when provided with personalized and collaborative learning opportunities in an intellectually challenging campus like ours.

At our preschool we imbibe certain Ethos that works as scaffolding for nurturing young minds;

  • Shift from Disciplinary to Child Centric approach.
  • Imbibe Universal Values.
  • Acquire transferable Life Skill.
  • Open Mindedness and respect towards racial, cultural and linguistic diversities.
  • Stand Tall and Celebrate.
  • Collaboration and Communities.

Bella Mente’s highly trained team of caregivers are here to redefine the nursery experience for children by providing education beyond boundaries. The learners are enabled to set their own goals and   are driven to achieve it in our safe “home away from home” environment.

We pledge to build a co-existing habitat where we endeavor to equip our children with the skills, attitudes and attributes required to become respectful, proactive world citizens, who lives with responsibly, learns with passion and balances work ethics with a sense of play.

Vision without Action is a Dream, Dream without Action is a waste of time , Vision with Action can change the world – Joel A.Barker .

At Bella Mete we are not merely dreaming nor are we dawdling, we are indeed changing the world with our actions .The same actions that have made us a chain of successful preschools across India. Our  rapidly growing centers reflects proudly on our exclusive Vedas inspired teaching pedagogy . Bella Mente pursues to be the True Indian school in every aspect of education . In our preschools you get the best miscellany of the both national and international ethics. We ensure giving our kids wings fueled with love ,care and strong academic foundation however, keeping them rooted all along with universal values that emphasis on personal excellence as a responsible human.

Our distinctive amalgamated curriculum of Early Years along with Reggio Emilia lays the foundation of knowledge and perspective that shapes the mind of future generation. Our intensively researched and detailed Vedic program gives our curriculum the much needed ethical, cultural and self help skill sets.

This being the heart and soul of our pedagogy, we have partnered with many likeminded individuals and corporates. Our franchise and corporate daycare family is escalating at exponential rate. Bella Mete’s presence is rapidly becoming a prominent name in the field of early education across India.

Our comprehensible vision invigorates our faith that with this atmosphere and methodology we aspire to become India’s first Vedas inspired preschool to open branches even globally ,spreading and sharing our uniquely designed curriculum that lays the foundations of an accomplished and aware global citizen.