Bella Mente Preschool has prepared its curriculum at par with the preschool standard and raising sky high conservatively set bars.  Our academic staff follows the guidelines set as per our high standards. They prepare lesson plans and help the wards according to the set plans and put themselves by identifying the special quality of each ward and concentrate on helping and improving them.

Giving a right direction and a good start in the early stages of life shapes the future of a child. So teaching is not just giving a lecture on a set topic or a pattern, our focus is to provide contemporary learning based on the nature and attitude of our children.  Our pedagogical method would be to create an environment which contributes to the development of mind body and soul.  Our competent and educated staff shoulder the responsibility to impart the knowledge scientifically yet rooted in basic cultural respect. Teaching conditions are created in a playful learning environment.  This pedagogy embeds the social and cultural values along with contemporary digitized knowledge in the minds of the children.

Why Choose Us

Child Care

From a scientifically developed curriculum

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Healthy Meals

Bella Mente provides healthy meals to your child

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Learning & Fun

Whole process of learning starts from fun

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Physical Activity

With Learning Physical Activity is must

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