Age 2yrs+
Class size 15
Category Preschool

Pre Nursery -2 Years+

Two year olds are beginning to develop social skills, develop their vocabulary and test their independence. To develop these skills, our curriculum embraces group experiences, which recognizes the special needs of each child. The children have many opportunities to explore and learn about the environment. Toilet training, encouraging self-management skills and providing successful age appropriate experiences to enhance the child’s personal, social and emotional development is introduced.

In our preschool, child will start learning the ABCs, colors, counting, and more. The most important learning will be in the form of socializing and making friends. They learn how to share, and use words to communicate. The specially designed program emphasis on developing and encouraging self management skills and provide age appropriate exposure to enhance the child’s personal ,social and emotional ,gross and motor development skills. We have a well balanced program that develops the young mind holistically. This is facilitated by following an amalgamation of Vedic approach, Early Year Program and Reggio Emilia teaching pedagogy.

Pre Nursery Curriculum program is focused on these content areas:

  • Learning by exploring and engaging
  • Communication skills
  • Independent and Peer learning
  • Theme based monthly concept
  • Math and Language
  • Gross and Motor skills
  • Learning life skills through Vedic approach
  • Understand and respect the environment
  • Learning from surroundings
Our preschool facilitates and reinforces the above by various activities  mentioned below:
  • Sand play
  • Water Play
  • Outdoor activities
  • Indoor play area
  • Field trips
  • Art and Craft
  • Music and Dance
  • Physical activity sessions
  • Circle Time
  • Reading and Story sessions
  • Annual day
  • Festival Celebrations
  • Sports day