Bella Mente Pre School, Rewari

Implementing the ideas laid down by national and international experts, Bella Mente is the first Vedas’ inspired preschool in Rewari. One of the best preschools in Rewari with a transformative, progressive ideology, the Bella Mente branch in Rewari also has a sprawling campus in the city that gives it a competitive niche above others. It has been designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of young learners. The branch has been developed not as a brick structure but a place that will become a second home to our students. Play is a key aspect of the children’s learning and development process.

At Bella Mente, the outdoors are extended classrooms. Children would get plenty of opportunities to explore nature in our outdoor learning space. We access them with open-ended play material to nurture their gross and fine motor skills. We are developing an in-house sanitized kitchen where well-balanced meals would be prepared under the guidance of an on-board dietitian. These factors combined make our branch a great option for anyone looking to get their child enrolled in the best preschool in Rewari or a preschool near Rewari.

At Bella Mente, the welfare and well-being of our children is of paramount concern. We aim to minimize the possible health hazards and risk at school by having round-the-clock CCTV surveillance along with police-verified guards. Our in-house infirmary is equipped to handle first aid efficiently in case required. Our vision is to have fun-filled classrooms to keep children engaged constructively. The professionally trained caregivers are trained to impart knowledge with unique teaching aids. They would address each facet of their existence – social, physical, emotional, cultural and spiritual – in addition to academics. We believe primary stage of education is immensely important for every child, as it is here that the foundations of literacy, numeric reflection and thinking skills are laid down for the future.

Our Programs

Bella Mente is the cradle where young minds are nurtured into brave visionaries of the future.

Our Curriculum

The Bella Mente curriculum enables a child to balance their inner energies and funnel them in different ways. It helps them to lay the foundation for a flexible structure that could be used even later in life. The robust framework of the curriculum is facilitated by the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly routines called rhythms at Bella Mente. Also called the Sunrise-to-Sunset curriculum, it is the cornerstone of the Bella Mente pedagogy.

bella mente curriculum


Going down memory lane, we relive the precious moments of our little ones.

Mr. Parvesh Kumar
Associate Director

Mr. Kumar, a graduate in Computer Science holding a Microsoft Certificate, entered the world of education with a single motto – “In order to grow, we must change, adapt and reinvent in this ever-evolving world.” His strong belief that education cannot be limited to just classrooms and textbooks gave his dreams the framework reflected in the foundation of Bella Mente Preschool, Rewari. His expertise in alliance partner relationships as part of the business strategies for growth and diversification generates a variety of advantages. Mr. Kumar has extensive product experience for Microsoft Dynamics, Matrix with over 15 years of technology experience.

Bella Mente Pre School, Rewari

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